[Poll] Today’s question… Do you like Apple Watch?


Today, in this post, I want to ask you about Apple Watch. It’s going to be available in Apple stores to be sold is short time, but a lot of people don’t like this Apple’s wrist watch. Why? People says that battery is so awful because its lifetime is gonna be short (not much than one day long is expected). And others say that others smart watches like Pebbles one have and will have better apps and battery lifetime. Never mind, we are Apple fan boys and fan girls… or not at all?

Apple’s watch is customizable by changing sizes (2), colors (3 are expected), straps (6 models), etc… and infinity software details could be set by you freely. Anyway, if you take a look by the news sites on the web, you will see amazing apps ready to be set in Apple Watch.. then, why some people is reluctant to Apple Watch apps?


Today I want to ask you…. do you like Apple Watch?


Never mind, I’m sure you have your own feeling about this matter. If you don’t like Apple Watch, you have a lot of other wrist watches to look to. But if you like Apple’s one, sure you will be expecting for it. Are you ready to wear it?



Think about it, try to imagine a day in your life wearing Apple Watch on your favorite wrist… Do you like what you feel imagining it? But, now think that another smart watches could have 7 days battery lifetime and other kind of apps… Do you feel the same now?

Sincerely I like Apple Watch, I like its design, own apps and other developers ones are going to be amazing, but maybe its price and battery lifetime will make me think of it seriously… What about you?

I think you have decided yourself about which wrist smart watch are you going to purchase. Take a look for all others and look into Apple Watch carefully… Do you like Apple Watch?


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