Today, 3rd April 2015 we are celebrating the 5th new iPad trading anniversary. It was on April 2010 when Apple released first iPad available for everyone at stores which was introduced in a famous keynote by Steve Jobs on January 2010. Nowadays we all know a lot about iPad device functions, features and much more, but… What is an iPad? let’s see what an iPad is.


What an iPad is. Today we are on celebration


If you look into a dictionary, sure you’ll find something like “iPad is an informatics portable device manufactured and commercialized by Apple Computer company” but we all know also that an iPad is much more than this. Maybe Apple thought about a new device like iPhone but bigger than iPhone which respects same philosophy and working way with a new screen size. I mean, if you put an iPhone on your hands, quickly you will think about a new device like this one (tactile) but set with a bigger screen to enjoy all functions apart mobile operations. I think Apple people thought the same when iPhone was created in 2007.


 iOSMac What an iPad is. Today we are on celebration
¿Que es un iPad? Jobs lo presentaba así / What an iPad is. Today we are on celebration


Today, we are remembering first iPad released by Apple. It was a revolution on tablets market… Really Apple created that new device market, the tablet market. I don’t like to name iPad as a ‘tablet’, I name the iPad as iPad, but a lot of people uses ‘tablet’ when regarding the iPad. Never mind, but I think that iPad is the only one which owns a name like iPhone was also. We can use words like ‘iPhone’ or ‘iPad’ and we will not need to add words like ‘smartphone’ or ‘tablet’, because everybody knows what an iPhone and iPad are.


 iOSMac What an iPad is. Today we are on celebration


iOSMac’s staff wants to celebrate with you today’s first iPad anniversary celebration. Steve Jobs introduced it 5 years before as he only knew… Thanks Apple for this present! We know that iPad it’s not a pure laptop, but we can use it as one and we can do all common and daily tasks while we are walking on world’s streets.

Thanks for iPad!!

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