If you look into the Mac app store, you could find a lot of interesting apps. One of them is a Mac’s OS X clipboard history manager, why?. Daily we copy all needed stuffs to the Mac’s clipboard while working with OS X, it’s crazy sometimes. That’s right, but sometimes it’d be so good to go back in time to review the clipboard history items…. Could we need an item which was before in our Mac’s clipboard? Yes, we could. Why not to go back in time and recover past clipboard items?. Well, You can find a lot  of apps to reach that goal if you take a walk around the Mac App Store (or even being outside the store, just in the internet world). You can choose anyone you like, but I have selected CopyClip app. It seems to be an easy, tiny and nice app for this.


CopyClip. You can manage your Mac’s OS X’s clipboard history items so easily



Well, this post is brought to you this time to show you how to get and how to use this tiny and free app in your Mac. First of all, you should download it from Mac App Store. Follow this link with your Mac or follow the link displayed at the end of the post.


 iOSMac CopyClip. Now you can manage your clipboard history easily
CopyClip at menu bar / CopyClip en la barra de menus


Once you have got your app by downloading it from Mac Store, you need to run it. Please make sure that you install the app at your applications folder or at least you move the ‘CopyClip.app’ file to that folder.

If you have just dropped that app in your applications folder, and you have just ran it in your Mac’s computer, then you will find a small ‘clip’ icon at the right side in your master menu bar. Look at next picture:


 iOSMac CopyClip. Now you can manage your clipboard history easily
App icon at menu bar / Icono en la barra de menús


What you see at previous picture is part of my desktop and part of my Mac’s master menu bar. You can find a new clip shape icon among others. Just click on that tiny icon to get your clipboard history. Well, now is empty, but be patient, you will fill that list up while working. Look at my current CopyClip pop-over…


 iOSMac CopyClip. Now you can manage your clipboard history easily
App’s main pop-over / Vista principal de la app


Now it is easy to go back in time and to bring clipboard items in. At previous picture you can see part of my whole clipboard items. To use it is so easy, you can click on each item displayed in the history or simply you can press down its own shortcut displayed at the right pop-over’s side. If so, you will recover that item into the clipboard again, and because of this, you might use paste shortcut (cmd+v) or do ‘paste’ as well. Try it…. Copy some items in your clipboard… and recover them with this app.

You can set easily the number of remembered items and displayed ones at the ‘General’ tab in ‘Preferences’ (Look into the red circle at previous picture to find ‘Preferences’ link).


 iOSMac CopyClip. Now you can manage your clipboard history easily
App’s Preferences / Preferencias de la app


At this picture, you can see general ’Preferences’ settings. It’s up to you that configuration. Make it your way. Coming back to the main menu bar CopyClip pop-over, you can find more items to try, but the ‘Clear’ is the most important. Pushing it down you will clear current history. Try to do it. Now, you start again to fill your clipboard history in.
You can do click on the ‘Exceptions’ tab at the preferences window. Then, you will be able to select what apps and/or process will left from the CopyClip app out. Try it or use it freely if you feel fine with exceptions for this app.


 iOSMac CopyClip. Now you can manage your clipboard history easily
App’s Exceptions / Excepciones de la app


If you try to copy to your clipboard stuffs like image files, you will get angry because this ‘tiny’ app only remember plain text items (it doesn’t work with stuffs like files, images or sound files, etc…)… well, at least, it is free. If you need more sophisticated clipboard management, please go back to the Mac App Store and look for you need.


[app url=”https://itunes.apple.com/es/app/copyclip-clipboard-history/id595191960?mt=12″]


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