[English] How to set back 3D Dock in Yosemite (and Maverics)


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Do you remember the ‘old’ 3D dock?… Maybe you are that kind of person who hates a lot the new plain Yosemite’s dock. It’s true that it’s new, it’s modern plain design like iOS8 and it matches with Yosemite’s new full design, but maybe you are thinking that it is so awful.

Anyway, it’s probably that you want to customize you Maverics or Yosemite’s dock with amazing themes and effects to apply to…


How to set back 3D Dock in Yosemite


In this tutorial, I am going to guide you to set back 3D dock instead of Yosemite’s plain one. But you will get with this tip, new themes and effects to apply to your 3D (or another theme) Dock with included designs (Maverics and Yosemite OS). Get ready to enjoy a lot with your full new Yosemite’s OS Dock!!

First step is to download the app that contains themes for your Dock and lets you to customize your Mac’s dock. Just open with Safari this web site…


You should now download, in your Mac, the app ‘cDock’, you will see a visible green button waiting to be pressed down to start to download the file ‘cDock_v6.3.2.zip’ (This tutorial is being written on 27/01/2015, and because of this you could find a different file version). Anyway just download it.

You could also watch the enclosed youtube video at this web site to learn about that amazing app. You will find it just under the download button.

Anyway, after download, you will get a ZIP file at your downloads folder. If you open it, you will see a new app unzipped at your downloads folder named ‘cDock.app’. Please move it to your applications folder before run it. Look at next picture:



Now, you can run the cDock.app in your Mac and enjoy customizing your dock in Maverics (10.9) and Yosemite (10.10). You will see at your Mac’s screen a dialog box like this one:

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Look at previous picture and look into all options and check-boxes to customize. You can choose and try a lot of settings freely. You can customize your dock a lot.

Dock theme: Choose among a lot of them (look at next picture). Try and choose whatever you like. But the ‘Yose3D’ is the one which set back your Yosemite’s plain design dock to the 3D one. Try it! (Don’t forget to push down the ‘Apply’ button to get the changes).


Now you can customize selected theme. Look into settings and feel free to try each option. Remember to push down the ‘Apply’ button to get the changes.

You can customize also the master app settings. Look at next picture and set it your way. To get this, push down the ‘Settings’ button in the main app dialog box.


Because it is a free app, we could donate freely to the developer some money to thanks them their work. It’s up to you!. It exists a ‘Donate’ button waiting for that at the main app’s interface. It also exists a ‘Report bug’ button to feedback to the developer our experience. The ‘Quit’ button will close the app (the applied changes will keep on your Mac after quit).

Go back to the download web page to learn more about this amazing app if needed. It is so easy, but sure that you can learn much more about this app.

Enjoy your dock a lot!!


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