Maybe you won’t need this tip anymore, but maybe you are a Mac user with a sharpen privacy edge. Then, one day you could lend your Mac for a while to your little sister (she is only an example) because she needs to search anything at the web for a school’s classwork. Is it possible that your little sister search in your Mac using Spotlight? Maybe it is possible. Then, I have a tip for you which will keep your “sensitive” privacy up, how to hide chosen results in Spotlight with a Mac.

Try to hide some results that appear in the Spotlight search results


It is an easy tip to set, the only way to gain this matter is to seek for the spotlight searching privacy settings at main system preferences in your Macintosh. Let’s go!

Open your System Preferences, you could do it by searching it with Spotlight or ..\Applications\ or opening the Apple menu at the main status/menus bar. Just do it your way.

Now look for the Spotlight icon among System Preferences ones. It is easy to find because its icon is a magnifying glass. Find it and just click on it.

Well, first, you will see a window which allows you to chose what kind of results you want to be shown up at your Spotlight searching results window. This is the first step to keep your sharpen privacy edge right. Validate or no validate any entry that you consider.


 iOSMac How to hide chosen results in Spotlight with a Mac
Hide chosen results in Spotlight with a Mac

Now, you must look for the second tab for this settings, Privacy. Just click on it to change to the today’s main window. In the beginning, it is an empty list, but if you look carefully, you will advise that you can add locations in your Mac to be hidden by the Spotlight searching engine.


 iOSMac How to hide chosen results in Spotlight with a Mac
Hide chosen results in Spotlight with a Mac


Press symbol + (plus) down (you will find it at the bottom of the list) and add all locations (folders or disks) in your Mac to be skipped by Spotlight. If you have personal or non-shown files/folders, you should create a master folder and fill it up with your “sensitive” material. You can remove them if needed. Press the symbol – (minus) to remove any location.
Take care about this privacy settings…. If your sister (she was only an example) is an Apple’s fangirl and she reads my posts… maybe you will lost this challenge, because maybe she could set your privacy settings back… but, maybe you are the only one who knows how to protect your privacy… Do it as you like!!

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