If you are an Apple´s developer, you should have just installed in your Mac the all new Photos app. Apple has released it for developers just a few days ago. But if you are not a developer, maybe you are so excited waiting for the public new Photos app release. If you use iPhoto to synchronize your photos to your iDevices, then you should read this post carefully.

In my last post (I wrote it in spanish, but today in here I write it in english for you. Let’s go reading on), I talked about the new app Photos for Mac, but it only was my personal ’first sight’ or “Hands-on” experience and description. Today I am going to show you what happens when you plug for first time your iDevice in your Mac’s iTunes app for the photos synchronization task.

Apple has recently released for developers new app Photos for Mac. Now I show you the first synchronization with iTunes issues

As you know, Photos for Mac is the new app to manage your photo gallery. It has been full designed by Apple and now it looks like the iOS 8 native Photos app. Obviously with a Mac you can enjoy a lot with this new Photos app because it is a bigger screen experience. But its function is the same like iOS 8 app. You will see the same tabs like photos, faces, iCloud photos, streaming photos, etc… You won’t see events again, they have been removed, but you don’t lose any photo into them (look at next picture at ‘iPhoto events selection check-box’). You only need to take a quick look at my last post’s pictures to understand like iOS 8 new app design is. Follow this link to get my last post and look at pictures and to The Verge link at the end of the post. Please, come back again after that!!

This time, the new photos apps includes a ‘moments’ tab where to find your photos organized by moments like in your iPhone, iPad or iPod native photos app. You can also find a new ‘Projects’ tab used to make some projects like new albums, cards, posts, etc..

When you open for first time Photos app, you are requested to choose between to import current iPhoto gallery or to create a new one. The issue we are resolving in this post is about first one choice. If you choose to migrate your iPhoto gallery to the new app Photo gallery, you will get this advertisement when iTunes synchronization task starts, but if you choose to create a new gallery, the process will be normal.

Well, this has been my ‘Hands-on’ resume for you, and now, I am going to show you first iTunes plugged-in iDevice issue. Look at following picture:


 iOSMac New Photos app and first iTunes’ synchronization issues
New Photos app and first iTunes’s synchronization issues

I have no english interface set in my Mac. But I can translate for you the meaning of this first issue. It happens at first time you plug your iDevice in when new Photos app is just installed.

At the yellow area (regarding to previous picture), you can read an advertisement text from iTunes which says that the last iPhoto gallery has been migrated to new Photos app one. Because of this, it is needed to synchronize again all your photos. But it will only occurs if you select (click on) the correct option at the iDevice synchronization photos tab. Then you should click on ’Synchronize photos’. Photos app organizes photos in another way, it is not the same way like iPhoto, due to this issue you should take care because some photos could got out of your iDevice. Take a moment and review all your photos synchronization setup.

Maybe you don’t need to change anything, but it is good for you to be sure of it. Let’s review and check your full photo gallery, synchronized old events, faces, etc… and check it with iTunes photo’s tab selected items. If everything is right, then, let’s press synchronize/Apply button down!!

You will be surprised by a pop up like next picture one. Yes I know, it is spanish language. It says that you will lost all of your iDevice inside photos because you are changing its photo gallery source. Never mind, just press the ‘remove and synchronize’ button down because new gallery source is your new Photos app one.

 iOSMac New Photos app and first iTunes’ synchronization issues
iTunes Pop-Up

Enjoy it.



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